Governance Workshop: Getting your Board Onboard

Governance Workshop: Getting your Board Onboard.

Want your organisation to operate at full potential? Join us for an empowering workshop designed to share best practice models for non-profit governance. To get everyone on the same page, this workshop is for an organisations' operations lead, e.g. Manager/CE/GM together with at least 80% of their trustees.

Pacific Surf Lifesaving Clubrooms
26 Marine Parade, Napier
Saturday 18th May
9:30am - 4.00pm, lunch provided

Cost: $130 per Board

The workshop will be delivered by Exult. The session offers a great opportunity for Boards to evaluate themselves against effective Governance practices and celebrate where they are doing things well and create an action plan to focus on for building the strength of their governance function moving forward.

During the session we work with the board/committee and managers (if applicable) to clearly explore and identify:

▪ Common models of non-profit governance: What model does your Board currently use? Is this still the right model for your organisation? If not, how can you shift from where you are to where you want to be?
▪ Board Roles and Responsibilities - What does this look like in a real sense for the model that you use? Who does what? What happens when the lines get blurred?
▪ Best Practice Governance - What makes a good Board, great? What are the practices that ensure Boards are working at their highest level? How does your Board measure up?
▪ Expectations for Trustees- What can be reasonably expected from individual trustees? What behaviours should trustees demonstrate on a consistent basis? How will you ensure new trustees understand what is expected? How will you ensure trustee performance is reviewed on a regular basis?
▪ Succession Planning - How do you actively plan for succession within your Board? What is stopping people from moving on? What is stopping people from stepping up? What do you need to have in place before anyone leaves?
▪ Brief Overview of Strategic Planning - What is the difference between a Strategic Plan and an Operational Plan? What are the elements of a Strategic Plan?

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