Who is Volunteering Hawkes Bay?

With over 3000 volunteers and 250 registered organisations, we are your local volunteer
centre that:

  • Connects people with opportunities to volunteer
  • Connects organisations with people wanting to volunteer
  • Offers a range of training relevant to both organisations and volunteers
  • Provides services to organisations and volunteers
  • Promotes volunteering and community engagement
  • Connects people with opportunities to volunteer
  • Provides leadership on issues related to volunteering

Are you ready to get started?

Be the one to make a difference.


Our Vision

Valued, Supported and Connected Volunteers

      Valued: Recognised, appreciated, and respected
      Supported: Encouraged, trained, and resourced
      Connected: Linked, joined, and partnered with

Our Values

Aroha, Trust, Humanity

  • Aroha keeps human beings together. Aroha engenders empathy, kindness, welfare, care, and respect.
  • Trust equates to dependability, and reliability. Trust engenders protection, and custody; and inspires confidence, and certainty.
  • Humanity is the quality of being humane, tolerant, considerate, and understanding.

Our Key Aspiration

To promote a volunteer culture that is friendly, supportive, and caring.

Our Operations Team

Our team comes with a wealth of local, national and international volunteering experience, and every day they strive to introduce people willing to serve their community with organisations needing help.

From answering your questions and calls, promoting volunteering opportunities, liaising with organisations or being out in the community running events and training, our team is here to support and encourage you in your volunteering.


Board of Governance

Combining their professional, corporate and business expertise, the trustees of Volunteering Hawkes Bay are passionate about developing an organisation that is appropriate, effective and relevant to the ever-changing needs of our community.
They are responsible for the planning, development and direction of the organisation and ensure that everything we do is compatible with our vision. From strategic planning to policy writing, finances and keeping everything on track, they oversee the management and guidance of the organisation.
Volunteering Hawkes Bay is an incorporated Charitable Trust (CC33912) registered in Hawke's Bay in June 2008 and is recognised by the IRD as a charitable organisation.