Contact People

Help connect your community and build resilience!

A Neighbourhood Support Contact Person may be required in your street!

A small voluntary role approx 3-4 hours a year.

If there isn't a Neighbourhood Support Group in your area it will require you to connect with your neighbours and form a group to ensure you're all connected and building upon a safer community.

Why should you be involved in Neighbourhood Support?

•Get to know your neighbours in an informal way and foster community spirit - in an emergency, our neighbour's will usually be there for support before Emergency Services can arrive.
•Minimise the occurrence of crime in your neighbourhood.
•Create a common voice to deal with local issues such as noise, graffiti, traffic problems and the like. Be part of the largest Neighbourhood Support Group in NZ, join today."

A Police background check is required.
The type of person we are looking for (is): 

Desire to connect with your local community.

This can be done: 
Site location - city / town: 
Napier,All Areas
Business hours or after hours: 
This is suitable for: 
Organisation name: 
The skill area(s) this falls into: 

If you would like to volunteer,

please give us a call on 06 391 5476.