Processing for our other stores

We provide stock for our other local stores in Napier and we need you to assist with this sorting and packing of orders.

This role does require a little lifting, but is working with a team that helps and works together.

Our other stores are based in Greenmeadows, and Taradale and we provide clothing and general store items for those areas.

Rosters are provided and your contribution of time will be valued by the Coordinator and the team.

Shop hours on a roster basis - 9am -4pm Weekdays.

Saturday 9am - 3pm.

The type of person we are looking for (is): 

Reliable, active, fun to be around and efficient delivering outcomes.

This can be done: 
Site location - city / town: 
Business hours or after hours: 
This is suitable for: 
Organisation name: 
The skill area(s) this falls into: 

If you would like to volunteer,

please give us a call on 06 391 5476.