Join the Revegetation Team and plant more trees!! - Open to all ages

Help with planting in the winter and help with the native tree nursey all year round. Open to all ages and fitness levels.

Cape Sanctuary is New Zealand’s largest privately owned and operated, predator-fenced mainland wildlife sanctuary. Spanning over 2500ha, a variety of diverse landscapes and habitats, and home to re-established endangered species, the sanctuary is an amazing project to be a part of. Our ethos is conservation in a multi-use landscape—how to we achieve conservation success while working hand in hand with agriculture, forestry, recreation and tourism?

Community involvement is essential to the success of the sanctuary—with private landowners, local iwi and hāpū, government and volunteers all working together.

Our volunteer rotations have been developed to offer those wanting to work with endangered species, learn the ropes of conservation, stay fit, gain work experience, or just have fun in the outdoors with a bunch of like-minded people!

Flexible days, Weekday Mornings.

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Must be open to getting their hands dirty!!!

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If you have any questions or need any additional information please give us a call on 06 391 5476.