Our Vision & Services

To be recognised throughout Hawke's Bay as the central hub for volunteer excellence.

Volunteering Hawkes Bay works to promote and support voluntary work in Hawkes Bay and to uphold the integrity of volunteering. 

Volunteering Hawkes Bay provides an information and referral service for potential volunteers, support and training for not-for-profit organisations, and encourages the community to recognise the tremendous contribution made to our society by volunteers.

Services we provide:

Referral Service

We connect volunteers and businesses with community organisations, and support community organisations to engage volunteers.


We provide training for:

  • Governance
  • Volunteer management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Financial management, etc

We also created an extensive toolkit to assist Not-for-profits (NFP) groups to add value to the organisation.

Mentoring Support

We have a wide range of expertise available from various professionals to support you in governance, management and volunteer management matters.

Advice and Information

We provide information about volunteer management, recruitment, rights and responsibilities, code of practice, etc.

Promote Volunteering

We look out for new trends, new legislation, connecting with the community, etc.

Celebrate Volunteering

We coordinate events to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of volunteers and volunteering, including National Volunteer Week, International Volunteer Day and International Manager Day.


Volunteering happens everywhere. We have extensive networks of organisations and stakeholders to create great connections within the sector.

We seek that all people involved in and through our organisation are VALUED, SUPPORTED, and CONNECTED.  From the staff and volunteers in our in-house team; to the contacts in the organisations and businesses we serve; and lastly but not least, the volunteers that are the ones making the difference.