Literacy Coach for an Adult Female

This position is face-to-face coaching. You are helping the learner practice reading and writing - thereby enabling better life outcomes.

We have found that the learners intend to practice their reading and writing - but do not.

So, as a Literacy Coach, you will meet with  the learner at the local library or community centre to practice reading, writing, and spelling weekly, generally for an half hour to an hour either once or twice a week.

We provide the training required to be able to coach students and support the coach in creating a personalised learning plan for the student.

You work together to develop goals and select materials and activities to help learners reach their goals.

This role is very important, and by doing it, you can change an adult or teenager learners' life and that of their family.

By participating in this volunteering opportunity, you are helping achieve the following United Nations Sustainability Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities


This position is for 1-2 hours weekly.

A coach Bootcamp training is provided for the volunteer before they begin to work with a student then a more comprehensive training is available for the volunteer to complete while they are working with a student.

Other tasks that a Literacy Coach is required to do is provide student goals and update on progress every 3 months. Some lesson preparation time is required.

Responding to the organisation every week with volunteer hours completed.

Driver licence is required.
The type of person we are looking for (is): 
  • Excellent spoken English, reading and writing skills
  • Patient, friendly personality who is able to make people feel at ease quickly
  • Reliable

The type of volunteer we are looking for is preferably a retired teacher or educator but anyone with a love of reading and a patient personality who isn’t going to give up on a student if they aren’t consistent with their learning. Our student's journey is never a straight one.

We prefer that the coach has access to the internet and is comfortable with technology to be able to complete the online training, email and correspond with the student coach coordinator.  The face-to-face Literacy Coach volunteer position doesn’t require video conferencing but if you wish to do remote literacy coaching in the future, we encourage the use of Zoom, Google Meet, or other type of video-conferencing.

This can be done: 
Business hours or after hours: 
This is suitable for: 
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