Rural Youth and Adult Literacy Trust

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The Rural Youth and Adult Literacy Trust is a non-profit organisation that assists adults and teenagers living in rural areas (or who are otherwise isolated) with literacy and numeracy.

Our volunteer coaches work with a student from 3-5 days a week for 30 minutes a day, using phone, mail, fax and video-conference.

Students are able to access our online practice software if they have access to a computer with internet or can get to a library computer.

The Trust runs school holiday Catchup Literacy Camps for high school students who want to improve their literacy skills.

Tuition is free and our tutors can coach you over the phone or Skype.

There is nowhere in New Zealand that is too far away for us to help you.

Port Waikato
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This position is face-to-face coaching. You are helping the learner practice reading and writing - thereby enabling better life outcomes... Read more