The Trust’s primary role is to be the Asset Custodian of the facility. 

Managing the asset renewals programme, seeking funding when necessary, monitoring the operator performance, and moving into supporting aquatic education access for under privileged. 

We are quite informal in our approach to meetings and do not have a planned meeting regime (we meet based on need, normally about 6 weekly currently due to being mid-project).

The type of person we are looking for (is): 

We are looking for Trustees with an interest in swimming/aquatic skill education, and skills/experience in asset management, governance, project leadership, community development.

This can be done: 
Site location - suburb / area: 
Site location - city / town: 
Business hours or after hours: 
This is suitable for: 
Organisation name: 
The skill area(s) this falls into: 

If you would like to volunteer,

please give us a call on 06 391 5476.