Earth Gardens Trust

Charitable purpose: 

To promote, establish and maintain programmes and facilities to assist persons who because of mental ill health or other medical or physical or psychological disabilities have restricted opportunities for employment, education and social development necessitating their rehabilitation.

To assist such persons to develop the skills necessary to them, to enable their assimilation into the community.

To provide such persons the creation, development or maintenance of:

  • Employee opportunities
  • Work projects
  • Employment skills
  • Entry into a supportive work environment
  • Projects to meet the Trust's clients recreational, leisure, emotional and social needs
  • Educational opportunities
  • Transport and equipment for the purpose of promoting any or all of the above objects
  • Any such other programmes and facilities as the Trustees in their discretion determine.

To increase the participation of people with disabilities in employment and in the community.

Organisation #: 

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Earth Gardens empowers people living with mental illness or a disability.

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