Repair Cafe - Hastings

What we exist for: 

The Hastings Repair Cafe is a place where Hastings residents can come and have broken or damaged belongings fixed instead of throwing them out and buying more.

The Hastings Repair Cafe is making this happen with free events where people come along with broken or damaged belongings and local volunteer experts do their best to repair them.

The Repair Cafe recognises that many people do noy have the tools or expertise so end up throwing items out.  

To that end he has lined up a series of different venues to be a part of a trial – with the goal of making the events permanent. 

The Repair Cafe isn’t just for those who need to get something fixed – but also for those who have skills and want to help do the fixing and teaching.

“We know not everyone has the skills to repair things, so we want to start educating people and actually make fixing achievable.”

Organisation #: 

We have openings for (a):

Do you have an interest in Social Media?

Could you:-

  • create eye catching posters
  • type up content in an... Read more

Are you able to:-

  • fix punctures
  • adjust gear tensions
  • adjust brakes
  • investigate and fix more... Read more

Are you able to fix earrings, necklaces, even watches?

You may just be required to show... Read more

Have you learnt the skill of sharpening knives?

Too many people are throwing away knives because they have never learnt to... Read more

We can get rather attached to toys or peices of furniture. They often have deep emotional memories attached to them, and when they break... Read more

The Repair Cafe is looking for someone who can:-

  • Replace a zip
  • Take up  a hem
  • Mend or patch a hole... Read more

How are your people skills? What about your computer skills? We are looking for a couple of people to help out in some key areas of the... Read more

On of the most popular areas of the Repair Cafe is in the electrical and electronic area. Items that come in for repair range from... Read more

Do you enjoy baking?  The Repair Cafe would appreciate your help.

A key part of what makes this a café is... Read more