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With volunteers contributing so much to the success of organisations, community projects and groups, ensuring they are recognised, appreciated and valued for all they do is essential. Here are some ideas to help you get started. Create a volunteer appreciation wall in your... Read More
Would you like to get all your trustees and management on the same page? Do you want to develop effective Governance practices for your organisation? Would you like a clear, shared understanding of what good Governance looks like? If you want your organisation to work... Read More
This article takes a satirical and humorous approach. Hopefully, it will lighten your day. Nearly all leaders extend their leadership beyond the workplace to head volunteer organisations throughout their lives, often as board members. It doesn't take long in your... Read More
While each leadership position entails its own responsibilities, there are several duties that every board member must complete, regardless of their position. As a whole, your nonprofit’s board should adhere to the following seven core responsibilities. 1) Board members... Read More
Why do people join nonprofit boards? People have countless reasons for wanting to become nonprofit board members. Some are focused on giving back; others want to receive something in return, and still, others want to do both. Some motivations are highly personal, even... Read More