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We asked Tarun why he chooses to volunteer.  His response..."It's something I always wanted to do, I want to be active in the community and I want to learn how to communicate better". No matter your age, there are numerous ways in which you can be involved in your... Read More
We asked Isabella why she chooses to volunteer. Her response..."It's a choice thing". No matter your age, there are numerous ways in which you can be involved in your community. Find your place by searching the current volunteering opportunities here.  
Youth engagement in community development and well-being is crucial for building a thriving society. Young people possess unique perspectives, energy, and creativity that can drive positive change. By involving youth in decision-making processes, their needs, concerns, and... Read More
Perhaps you had a mentor who gave you a recommendation or taught you the skills needed to get a promotion at work. Or maybe you had a mentor in school who helped turn a negative experience into a positive one. Those are just a few examples of some of the short-term benefits of... Read More
It’s no secret that helping others and contributing to one’s community through positive, impactful action makes people feel good. For students, spending some time volunteering can be especially beneficial in various ways. Serving others reaps many benefits spanning a student'... Read More
Today exists the largest generation of young people ever known. Technologies like social media and mobile phones have created a better-connected generation than ever before, awakening in them a new sense of power and potential. Around the world, youth have shown that they can... Read More