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Volunteering overseas is a great way to expand your horizons, learn new skills, and positively impact the world. Whether you want to help with conservation, education, health, or human rights, volunteering offers many opportunities to go global. In this article, we will explore... Read More
A new tool to support volunteer engagement. Volunteers | tūao give their unpaid time and skills to communities and causes they believe in. This volunteering action needs to be nurtured and enabled. Our Guidelines are based on what volunteers need and offers easy steps... Read More
Codes of Practise, are a way of setting the standard of a process, and the environment that it is done in. This resource is a bullet-pointed view of Volunteering Hawkes Bays' commitment to the businesses, organisations and volunteers we support; and our expectation from the... Read More
I’m Nigel, from Fire and Emergency. I’m based in Napier and Hastings, but I work across the district, from Eketahuna right up to Wairoa. I’m the Community Risk Manager. My role is to reduce the risk so that we don’t have anyone injured in a fire. You don’t just put out... Read More
I’m Allison, and I have a role in Fire and Emergency New Zealand in risk reduction – I work as part of a team locally here in Hawkes Bay. My journey started in 2008 as someone who wanted to help in my community and someone who wanted to challenge themselves – so I just went to... Read More
Meg’s “other” career—the one that caught her attention back when she was in secondary school—has become her passion in retirement. If you ring Samaritans’ help line on a Friday evening, she might be the one at the other end, ready to listen. Meg also trains volunteers, and has a... Read More
Ask Murray why he volunteers his time and expertise to help his community, and he’ll ask you why so many people don’t. “I’m honestly surprised there aren’t a lot more—blokes, in particular, there’s a dearth of blokes who are in this sort of stuff,” he said. “To me, it just... Read More
Brian—like about half of all Kiwis—regularly volunteers his time to help others. This work has taken different forms over the years, but each experience has affirmed his commitment to volunteering. "Life is for giving, not for getting," he said. "You give of yourself; you... Read More