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How many remember stuffing envelopes at the dining table for the local animal shelter, and licking the sharp-tasting postage stamps to stick in the corner?  Or folding flyers for distribution in your street and community?  Perhaps you still pick up rubbish as you walk... Read More
The Institute of Community Directors Australia have made available a wide range of policies as a starting point for your NFP. These policies are free for any not-for-profit organisation to download and use, so long as it is for a non-commercial purpose and that the... Read More
Codes of Practice are a way of setting the standard of a process, and the environment that it is done in. This resource is a bullet-pointed view of the Volunteering Hawke's Bay Team's commitment to the businesses, organisations and volunteers we support; and our expectations... Read More
This tool will add value to your organisation, assessing strength and weaknesses, doing a gap analysis that will move you forward to better standards about volunteer management.
There is no effective volunteering without skilled and competent managers of volunteers. This guide has opportunities for on-going learning, recognition of prior learning and Leadership extension.
The network of Volunteer Centres Aotearoa compiled this guide for inspiration and ideas.
The obligations, duties and rights contained in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) make it clear that everyone has a role to play in ensuring health and safety at work. This fact sheet explains how HSWA applies to volunteers.
Would you like to get all your trustees and management on the same page? Do you want to develop effective Governance practices for your organisation? Would you like a clear, shared understanding of what good Governance looks like? If you want your organisation to work... Read More
State of Volunteering in Aotearoa 2022: healthy but room to improve Organisations are urged to create welcoming spaces for volunteers where everyone who wants to can volunteer on their own terms. Volunteering New Zealand has today released its flagship bi-annual State of... Read More
We are super excited to announce Be The One, a radio series in which we interview, discuss and promote local organisations and all things to do with volunteering within the Hawke's Bay community. Thursday 9am on 104.7FM (Radio Hawke's Bay) or you can listen to this or... Read More
Company leaders must constantly evaluate the ROI on system-wide programs and initiatives. Things that were once considered simply a good business practice, like community and philanthropic involvement, are today considered an investment. After all, in business, what is more... Read More
Employee volunteer programmes make an impact on the business and community. When a company engages employees in its philanthropy programme, it communicates that you value their input and their stake in the company’s goodwill. Volunteer programmes are essential to leveraging... Read More
Many people will tell you that networking is an excellent way to find a new job. However, networking often seems like a vague term. In this job searching tip, we will discuss a specific way you can put networking to use to advance in your career. The approach discussed involves... Read More
Many small business owners don't think about how their time and energy outside of their day-to-day business activities can be leveraged as a marketing strategy. In this article, we'll look at the power of volunteering and how this generous act can impact your business' bottom... Read More
This year’s Annual Report reflects very clearly what a milestone year it was for Volunteering Hawke’s Bay in its growth and development. The Report illustrates the impact of COVID on the volunteer sector and how volunteering, in general, has had to change to meet the... Read More