What is Micro-Volunteering?

Micro Volunteering is bite-sized volunteering with no commitment to repeat and with minimum formality, involving short and specific actions that are both quick to start and complete.

In a world where people are more time-limited than ever before, Micro Volunteering allows individuals the opportunity to give as much (or as little time) as they can afford, benefiting worthy causes through actions that suit their lifestyle, and the amount of time or commitment they can afford.

There are eight key features of Micro-Volunteering

  • Duration – it involves small increments of time access – it is easy to get started and do.
  • Immediacy – it is quick to start and complete and requires minimal planning.
  • Convenience – you decide when and where.
  • Level of formality – no formal agreement between the organisation and the volunteer is needed or required.
  • Frequency – it can be a one-off or repeated.
  • Activity – it involves discrete actions, and
  • Location – it can be online or offline, from your office or armchair.

Why is Micro-Volunteering great for volunteers?

  • Volunteers gain control of their volunteer experience.
  • Engagement is quick and informal.
  • Volunteers can taste different experiences quickly.
  • It helps in the expression of values and beliefs.
  • It provides a feel-good factor of being able to contribute.

Why is Micro-Volunteering great for the community?

  • It raises awareness.
  • It Increases funds.
  • It Increases community engagement and social action.
  • It tackles social issues.
  • It enhances local services.

Some examples of Micro Volunteering could include:

  • Pick up trash during a daily jog.
  • Sign a petition.
  • Donate an hour or two to working at an event.
  • Start a fundraiser at work.
  • Sign up for a sponsored race that donates to your nonprofit.
  • Fill out a survey to help your nonprofit gather data.
  • Share donation opportunities on social media.
  • Donate goods.
  • Volunteer technical skills (such as writing or design) for small projects.

If you are looking for a quick effective way to support your community, then micro-volunteering is a great way to get involved. There are a number of roles listed on our website that may suit your needs, or you can give us a call to help you find the perfect role and place for you.

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