Volunteering Hawkes Bay Performance Report 2021

Each year Volunteering Hawkes Bay produces an Annual Performance Report that provides a range of details and information on how the organisation has performed over the last 12 months.

Covid 19 in 2020 had a major impact on our statistics as events and volunteering as we know it came to a halt.

Supporting our members via email, phone and zoom meetings as support were all we could provide for a few months.

Working from home became the new way to work and our involvement with Civil Defence provided us with a new category to add to our roles.

150 volunteers were sought at the Civil Defence request to be able to assist in the community with food deliveries, meals on wheels and other assigned help.

An additional 20 trainee nurses and their staff were assigned to DHB to assist with roles in the hospital, doctor's surgeries and on the ground testing stations.

Unfortunately, nearly all the volunteers we could provide were not required due to City Council staff managing the load.

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